Paul and Levi, huge thanks for spending your night teaching us!

Team, thank you for a great training session today!  I believe the team felt this was a great success as the first virtual training course.

In summary we connected:

29 Asia Commercial team members

5 Telepresence sites +1 other video conf system

9 Countries … 7 time zones.

GE Aviation
Regional Marketing Manager
Asia Pacific


Seriously, was really special to see how you customized the experience for a broad ranging team!!  For a first virtual delivery, it went great considering the number of sites. 

You have created a pull for more learning, which is the biggest achievement of the night.

GE Aviation 
Manager, Commercial and Customer Leadership Development


I'm glad this went so well.  True team effort-- thank you all!
I will also mention that you were the first!   So thanks for being a successful pilot.   

Sr. Human Resources Manager

Global Sales/Marketing/Communications

GE Aviation